Printing units and rewind section of a CONPRINTA IMD system.

Kornelius Thimm new Managing Director of CONPRINTA

Kornelius Thimm has taken over CONPRINTA and is acting as Managing Director. He succeeds Holger Dunker, who has been interims Managing Director after the death of Klaus Thimm in December 2020.

Kornelius Thimm is also Managing Director of the THIMM Group and Christiansen Print. With him, we are winning a very experienced and competent management personality.

As the global preprint market is growing, especially in e-commerce and food & beverage, Kornelius is convinced that CONPRINTA is the perfect match to deal with this market challenges.

CONPRINTA gets very strong support by global consumer product companies and is well established in the preprint market. This is achieved by means of CONPRINTA’s patented belt technology which, in lieu of a cylinder or sleeve, acts as permanent carrier of the flexographic printing plates. The CONPRINTA belt technology allows to produce in flexible repeats (formats up to 2.8 m wide by 4.5 m length) at low cost as it avoids the investment for cylinder/sleeve inventory.

With the introduction of digital roll-to-roll printing systems, CONPRINTA successfully developed and launched its CONPRINTA PVS series. With this unique CONPRINTA system, users cannot only apply inline spot overprint varnish but also classic flexographic inks. CONPRINTA helps saving digital ink costs due to printing solid areas inline within the digital printing process. With the unique CONPRINTA “Change on the Fly” system, the conventional CONPRINTA Print and Varnish System can be quickly set and changed to a different spot color or OPV varnish. The result is a real inline “Hybrid” where Digital and Flexo image parts can be combined for the ultimate benefit of the user. 

With its open architecture, CONPRINTA virtually hits no limits to be linked with any digital roll-to-roll printing technology.

The future outlook for “hybrid printing systems” is promising.

The machines are currently available in multiple widths and can be produced according to customer requirements.

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