CONPRINTA IMD unit with a mounted printing-belt.

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Brilliant prospects: CONPRINTA IMD and PVS

The times when packaging for shipment only served to protect the product are long past. Now “secondary packaging” has become an instrument for sales promotion, as end customers' purchasing decisions are influenced by attractive, high-end designs. It can also help to build and reinforce a brand. Secondary packaging is therefore increasingly being developed by communications experts who incorporate final sale requirements in the design.

On demand printing

Our IMD flexographic printing system and the PVS expansion for third-party digital systems make the highest quality corrugated preprints possible. They are suitable for secondary packaging and POS products of all kinds. We offer innovative technology and software, brilliant high-graphic print results, and the customer benefit of “PrePrint Volume on Demand,” an economical process solution that supports maximum flexibility. IMD and PVS—premium quality for the discerning.