Printing units and rewind section of a CONPRINTA IMD system.

Start of Installation of a CONPRINTA IMD2200

Even in times of COVID-19 (Corona) our team started the installation of our newest flexographic web printing system plus 1 varnishing unit for preprinted linerboard at our customer Cheng Loong Long An Container Co. Ltd (CLC) in Vietnam.

Despite current travel restrictions and a 2 weeks quarantine period our team managed to start on November 23rd, 2020. CONPRINTA always made sure that all required prevention measures have been matched to avoid putting our employees at any risk.

CONPRINTA wants to thank everybody involved for their team spirit and performance at this difficult times. Especially also the CLC team which made sure that all necessary entry documents were available to enter Vietnam in times of COVID-19. CONPRINTA is very grateful for the support.

Now we wish all parties involved a successful installation so that CLC can easily start production in February next year with its new CONPRINTA IMD2200.

We are very pleased that we are able to be there for our customers in these extraordinary, difficult times.

Picture: Ho Chi Minh City