„CONPRINTA goes digital“

CONPRINTA, a market leader in industrial preprint, is complementing digital preprinting technology to meet industry demands perfectly. The advantages of digital print are quite interesting for the corrugated industry as they fulfill the desire for economical short runs and higher end graphics. Nonetheless, the corrugated industry seeks low cost production and effectiveness. As a matter of fact, digital ink costs for boxes with extensive color coverage are much higher than like-for-like ink costs of conventional flexographic printing ink for the same color coverage.

CONPRINTA has addressed this inherent challenge of digital preprint systems by developing and launching its CONPRINTA SVS unit. With this unique CONPRINTA system, users cannot only apply inline spot overprint varnish but also classic flexographic inks. Double Print? No, CONPRINTA will only print on those areas of the image where digital would cause extensive ink consumptions. Digital printing technology would assure highest end screen graphics and variable data (customization). Resulting flexo plate costs are minimized as flexo setup and plate is limited to just a few inline spot colors. Due to the unique CONPRINTA “Change on the Fly” system, the conventional CONPRINTA deck can be quickly set and changed to a different spot color or OPV varnish. The result is a real inline “Hybrid” where Digital and Flexo image parts can be combined for the ultimate benefit of the user.

With its open architecture, CONPRINTA virtually hits no limits to be linked with digital roll-to-roll printing technology.

At CONPRINTA, we define the benchmark when it comes to cost-effective and highly flexible on demand graphic box production.