Spare parts service

Our quality products are available on short notice

The demands on a printing line are very high. To enable optimal production processes even after wear parts such as mechanical or electronic components, ball bearings, belt drives, or drive amplifiers have been replaced, our spare parts service offers fast replacement of original parts, all over the world. , We work with partners around the globe to minimize downtime. This means we can guarantee fast spare parts availability worldwide. Simply order directly from us, by phone or email.


Christina Hollenbach

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Maintenance service

For long, trouble-free machine service life

A printing system that works perfectly and technically sound handling of technology are the prerequisites for a continuously economical production process. Customer experience demonstrates that regular maintenance of CONPRINTA IMD and PVU machines can eliminate unplanned downtime and unforeseen component failure, resulting in long machine service life. We offer individualized maintenance agreements that include preventive consultation and intensive monitoring by our experts and on-site maintenance service for your machine. Machine audits and laser-based measurements by CONPRINTA personnel are also among the services that we offer.

The combination of regular maintenance and correct handling by the machine operator leads to long-term improvement in the overall performance of the machine. The planning reliability of the overall system and thus overall production can be improved with maintenance at regular intervals. For more about CONPRINTA services for maximum productivity of CONPRINTA products, see our Academy area. Depend on expertise.

Remote service

Get help fast in direct dialog

Our CONPRINTA IMD machines are impressively reliable. If a malfunction should nevertheless occur, we can provide rapid remote support to help solve the problem. Ethernet-based automation of the CONPRINTA system allows our experts to access your printing system. This enables remote fault analysis and correction of nearly all operational parameters. Electronic malfunctions can typically be cleared in a very short time. If needed, we can also arrange for on-site repair by a technician. The prerequisite for our remote service is a locally available Internet connection for the system. Contact us — together we are strong.

Modernization and retrofits

Fit for the future with CONPRINTA

Our proposals meet your need for ensuring that your CONPRINTA system remains competitive in worldwide markets over the long term. Shorter and shorter innovation cycles, software updates, and continuous process improvement: there are factors that are worth keeping up to the latest in technology. We offer an on-site audit at your location. Our technicians will put your printing system through a thorough functional test. Afterwards, you will receive a recommendation for sensible upgrade measures that we can implement quickly for you if needed. Count on our innovative strength.