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Conprinta PVU

Practical extension for digital roll-to-roll printing systems.

The CONPRINTA PVU was developed as an extension especially for roll print machines and combines the advantages of digital printing with the potential of flexo printing. It keeps costs low even when inking large areas, is impressively fast and easy to configure, and runs high-quality prints with precision. New printing orders can be set up while another order is running, so stoppages are avoided. Our advanced between-deck drying technology means that orders can be processed in record time.

  • A special ink printing option also keeps you ahead of the competition.
  • The CONPRINTA PVU is available in three widths and can be combined with all leading digital printing systems. 


Christopher Gremmel

+49 . 551 . 508 397-36

PVU individual printing systems

PVU 1100PVU 2500PVU 2800
Working Width, max. [mm]110025002800
Repeat Length, min. [mm]111011101450
Repeat Length, max. [mm]330045504550
Print Registration [mm], ink+/-0,2
Print Registration [mm], varnish+/-0,1
Belt length gradiations6,35 mm (0.25 inch)
Paper Range [gsm /m2]80 - 300
Line Screen / 
Print Resolution, max.  [lpi]
Customer Plate OptionsElastomer or Photopolymer
Ink / Varnishwater-based
Mechanical Speed,
max.  [m/min.]
Interdeck DryerInfrarot or Hybrid
Register controlsensor- or camera based
Consumablesbeltmaterial on Reel or as sheet

* with camera based register control